Reared in both Europe and the United States, Bettina holds dual citizenship and has always been deeply influenced by both the Old and the New World.


In New York, Bettina attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, The Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute, and she graduated Magna Cum Laude from Columbia University. She is a member of Phi Beta Kappa.


Bettina has been actively working in the New York film and theatre industry. As a former professional figure skater, performing has always been part of Bettina’s life and love.


A professor-of-Philosophy-father instilled in Bettina a thirst for truth, knowledge and justice. An eccentric, wicked-smart, and creative mother inspired Bettina’s love of writing, painting, and freethinking. Bettina’s hero, her grandfather, was an actor under Erwin Piscator in Berlin, an engineer, a builder of violins, one of the first private pilots, a photographer, Renaissance Man, free thinker, and an anti-war-maverick: Bettina blames her intensity, old soul, and love of acting entirely on him. Recently, many of Bettina’s articles and essays have been published, and she fully intends on coming through on her threat to write a dark novel.


During vampiricly late hours, you can find Bettina reading, painting or dancing. During daytime, she is forever accompanied by her beloved sidekick, her Yorkie Perny. 
Bettina is deeply involved in charity work and spends much of her life brooding over life’s grammar lesson: past is perfect, the present tense.


In the words of Bob Dylan:
"She’s an artist…
“She can take the dark out of the night
And paint the daytime black.”


Or, in Bettina’s own words:


B’s Philosophy:


I like Shakespeare, Salinger and Beethoven,

NYC for now,

Venice for then.

Schubert, The Cure and Eminem

With his wicked pen, is a perfect ten.

Flappers, feathers and Edie Sedgwick

Porsches, Mercedes and all things quick.

Champagne and Couture give me delirious jitters

In the face of life and its frequent bitters.

Kerouac and Edith Wharton’s brilliancy,

The way Zelda was free

Inspire me

To the nth degree.

Dorian Gray’s dance in the dark

Is my daily run in the park.

Stars exploding in the sky

Remind me it’s not too late to try.

Newport and Europe in the Summer

Tuxedo in the Fall,

That, my friends, means having it all.

And if you don’t believe that Mozart’s “LACRYMOSA” is blessed

Please, DO NOT send me a friendship request.