Published Articles:

For Downtown Magazine:
   Downtown Magazine, Holiday Issue Dec. 2014: How to Raise the Roof: Decorating Small Spaces
   5 Beekman Place: Hidden Gem Column  Summer 2011
  The Green Team - Green Celebrities in NYC  Summer 2011
   Liberty Lighting the World  Summer 2011
   The Edward Mooney House: Hidden Gem Column  Winter 2011
   First Shearith Israel Cemetery: Hidden Gem Column  Summer 2011
  For Barnard Echoes Magazine: 
   Does Philosophy Work?
  Scholarly Essays at Columbia University: 
    Senior Thesis (Winner of The John Angus Burrell Memorial Prize for distinction in English and Comparative Literature, 2011):  An American Tragedy
   The Rake's Revenge: Honestly Dishonest  2009
   Theatre History: Aristotle's Poetics  2010
   Henry V  2011
   Derivative Desire  2011
   The Humiliation of Elizabeth Bennet  2009
  Male Anxiety in the Fairie Queene
A Kind of Eulogy
Cassandra's Truth
  Catch Me If If Fall
B's Philosophy
  Clichés Revenge
  If I Could